STERLING, ILL. — Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc., launched its new Semi-Automatic Hand Prompt Batching Station that can eliminate manual batching processes and improve product safety and batching quality.

The batching station serves as an improvement to manual batching by improving time management and increasing automation. The equipment uses operator involvement, providing automated instructions and prompts to help eliminate bad batches resulting from operator error. The station also provides ingredient lot tracking, automatic weighing with tolerance control and ensures recipe/formula compliance.

Through instructed steps, the batching station will prompt the operator to add ingredients for weighing and sequence the operator through a chosen recipe or formula, one ingredient at a time. The system will ensure proper ingredients are added at each step by relying on programmed ingredient weights, creating a more accurate batch.

The system also offers real-time records for every batch produced, creating a record of each ingredient added and other information on the specific batch that can be printed out. Additional data can be recalled from the batching station to ensure consistency across all batches.

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