SAN DIEGO — Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. launched its new store design concept aimed at serving small towns and rural communities. The first Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply pet care store is located in Floresville, Texas, for which the company held a grand opening ceremony on June 17.

According to 2021 data by Synergos Technologies, Inc., 14% of the US population lives in rural areas, accounting for an estimated $7 billion in addressable market. Data by the Economic Innovation Group, as well as federal statistics shared by Petco, shows that more than two-thirds of urban counties witnessed population declines in 2021. For the first time in 50 years, rural counties are seeing the biggest increases in population growth with about 80% experiencing an increase in new residents. With this knowledge in mind, Petco saw an opportunity to expand its presence in these growing rural areas.

"These are rapidly-growing markets where pet parents are looking for an experienced, pet-dedicated partner like Petco to help them care for the health and wellness of their animals," said Ron Coughlin, chief executive officer of Petco. "This is an exciting opportunity for us to serve more pets by dramatically expanding local access to healthy pet products and services."

Interior of Petco Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply storeSource: Petco Health and Wellness Company

The new Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply stores will feature brand-new retail stores located in small towns and rural communities, offering convenience to customers. The stores will feature the same high-quality products and pet services Petco offers at its current retail locations, and will be staffed by knowledgeable employees to help customers. Petco’s Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply locations will also include food and supplies for farm animals, including cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep and others.

With differentiated digital fulfillment offerings, Petco will be able to supply its new Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply locations more quickly and at a lower cost compared to other national and regional brands. The stores will offer high-quality pet food products, an assortment of farm and feed products, mobile vaccination and grooming services, and self-wash stations. Regarding product procurement, the stores will also offer same-day delivery, buy online and pickup in store, and curbside pickup to consumers.

Each new Neighborhood Farm and Pet Supply store will also offer local events and a community board to provide support to rural communities. In partnership with its non-profit organization, Petco Love, the new locations will also provide adoption services and pet health and wellness programs.

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