AUSTIN, TEXAS — ePac Flexible Packaging announced Dec. 11 that it will be expanding with a new sales and manufacturing facility in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The new facility, called ePac Sheffield, will serve CPG brands, including those in pet food, throughout Scotland, Ireland and Northern England.

The location will add to ePac’s existing operations in Silverstone, UK, and will expand its presence throughout Europe.

“Since opening our first European plant in Silverstone in December 2019, we’ve grown steadily, not only in the UK but in regions across Europe,” said Johnny Hobeika, managing director of ePac Europe. “Our new sales and manufacturing location in Sheffield will get us even closer to our local and regional brands, as well as larger brands with a pan-European or global presence.”

ePac currently operates facilities in Poland and France, and recently announced another facility located in Innsbruck, Austria. To connect its network of facilities, ePac rolled out cloud-based technology called ePacONE (One Network Everywhere).

“We have recently launched ePacONE, a proprietary cloud-based system that connects all 24 ePac locations across the globe, enabling our customers to have their jobs produced at scale, when they’re needed, where they’re needed,” Hobeika said. “Additionally, with ePacConnect, our connected packaging solution, brands can discover new ways to enhance their communication with consumers.”

Alongside its mission to fully serve its customers, ePac is also committed to sustainability and the creation of a circular packaging economy. According to the company, its quick order turnaround of five to 15 business days helps reduce packaging waste. The company also uses sustainable packaging materials, operates an all-digital printing platform and uses an eco-friendly printing process. ePac has also achieved carbon neutrality.

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