CINCINNATI — Flexible packaging company ProAmpac on April 26 released a new line of products to “enhance the tactile feel of flexible packages.” The Signature Surfaces line includes three distinct textures: paper touch, soft touch and registered matte.

“Our Signature Surfaces line represents developments that have been in the works for several years,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer of ProAmpac. “Their tactile feel and visual aesthetics increase the shelf differentiation for our customers while helping to reinforce brand-positioning strategies both on the shelf and in the hands of the end-consumer."

Paper touch packaging appeals to products with natural or organic positions in the market, specifically snack or pet foods. Its papery material provides film protection for the product and the packaging can be recyclable for sustainable brands.

The soft touch packages are designed for premium and luxury products because of their soft, velvety exterior, while the matte option is reminiscent of a matte photo and can be applied to the entire surface or a portion of packages.

“Whether it’s a paper-like feel for organics or a velvety touch for premium products, we’re working with brand owners to give consumers an unforgettable tactile packaging experience,” Grose added.

The three new products are available in roll stock or premade stand-up or quad-seal pouches.

Signature Surfaces packaging can be integrated with designs that include glossy graphics or clear windows. Coatings are resistant to heat, scuffing and chemicals.

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