JEFFERSONVILLE, KY. — On April 26, Spencer Strainer released details on its newest food-grade self-cleaning filter: the GS-144-F. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the filter has a capacity of 400 gpm and operates continuously without bags or elements to replace between filter changes.

The sealed GS-144-F prevents product from being exposed to plant environments while efficiently filtering and straining. The system can filter a variety of food products, including peanut and almond butter, cheese, fruit juices, dairy products and more. The GS-144-F can be used on various formulations with multiple wedge wire and perforated screen sizes available.

Diagram of Spencer Strainer's GS-144-F filtering systemSource: Spencer Strainer

Products enter the GS-144-F through its inlet and become filtered, while screened particles enter a cannister and can be released through a bottom drain if necessary. Released particles are piped away from the system and can be disposed, recycled or re-used. The system can serve as a pre-filter for membranes, centrifuges and other fine particle filters.

Spencer’s GS-144-F is available in a 1-phase and 3-phase motor and can be customized to include threaded or flanged drain connections. An optional mobile stand can also be added to the filter, allowing more movement within a facility.

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