WALTHAN, MASS. — PerkinElmer, Inc., a global provider of food safety solutions, released a new Salmonella testing kit for use in pet food on March 15. The Solus One™ Salmonella testing kit for pet food can be used on dry and wet finished foods for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, delivering results within 24 hours.

The Solus One™ testing kit is AFNOR certified to ISO 16140 against ISO 6578-1:2017 and provides reliable and accurate results, according to PerkinElmer. The kit can be used manually or within automation with Dynex Technologies’ DS-2® system, which can provide higher throughput and lower training times and cost compared to PCR methods.

The Solus One Salmonella kit also allows result confirmation, which can be obtained through culture and latex processes. The kit is compact, features lower consumable usage and is also packaged in a recyclable box.

“Salmonella contamination in pet food is a big driver of product recalls and a concern for pet owners around the globe,” said Greg Sears, vice president and general manager of food, PerkinElmer. “By leveraging a fast, easy-to-use solution like the Solus One Salmonella kit for pet food testing, high volume labs can provide timely results to their clients, and producers can make more effective and efficient data-driven decisions from the manufacturing floor on up.”

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