MILFORD, MASS. — Waters Corporation, a leading provider of analytic instruments and software for food safety, debuted its new VICAM™ Fumo-V™ ONE Strip Test that detects harmful toxins in finished animal feed and pet foods. The test can test for the three most common mycotoxins — aflatoxin, fumonisin and DON (also known as deoxynivalenol or vomitoxin) — in less than 10 minutes, saving processors time and increasing food safety.

VICAM’s Fumo-V ONE Strip Test is a quantitative lateral flow strip that can test for fumonisin mycotoxins in finished products in ranges as low as 0.5 parts per million (ppm) to 30 ppm in minutes using water extraction. According to Waters Corporation, fumonisin is one of the most prevalent mycotoxins throughout the world and can cause life-threatening illnesses in animals and humans. The test can also identify aflatoxin and DON.

Vertu TOUCH Top Angle Strip TestSource: Waters Corporation

The Fumo-V ONE Strip Test allows processors to move quality management upstream, enhancing food safety, all on-site. Offering accuracy and precision, the testing strip eliminates the need for processors to wait for lab results, speeding up their decision-making on product releases. According to Waters Corporation, the test’s quick results also drive better decision-making, while also lowering risks and saving costs that can result from recalls.

In developing its testing strip, Waters Corporation and VICAM aim to eliminate complex, traditional methods of mycotoxin testing, as well as previous limitations in traditional lateral flow strips.

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