LONDON — The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), which represents the pet food industry throughout the United Kingdom, expanded with the appointment of Claire Robinson-Davies, corporate communications director for Nestlé Purina, to chair. Robinson-Davies previously served on the association’s executive committee and acted as chair of the sustainability committee.

Robinson-Davies will build on her previous positions with PFMA, as well as her dedication to sustainability in pet food manufacturing, in her new position with the association.

“As a responsible industry, environmental sustainability continues be high on the PFMA’s agenda,” Robinson-Davies said. “We also know pet owners want to feed their pets in a way that respects and protects the environment for future generations. We are working closely with government and other organizations to ensure we address common challenges, including sustainable raw materials, environmentally friendly production, and recyclable packaging materials.

“Supporting our members in their decarbonization journeys is particularly critical, which is why we recently embarked on an exciting project looking at the sustainability of key pet food ingredients,” Robinson-Davies added. “We look forward to sharing the results later this summer. I am excited and honored to take up this role and to help shape the way forward for our industry.”   

Robinson-Davies joins PFMA’s Vice Chair Anna Horrell, chief executive officer of Gold Line Feeds, and succeeds former Chair Greg Van Praagh, head of sales and marketing at Benyfit Natural Pet Food.

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