AUSTIN, TEXAS — On March 18, A Pup Above announced its new 20-lb bulk boxes of human-grade, sous-vide style dog food patties. The company will showcase its new bulk boxes at Global Pet Expo, occurring March 23 to 25 in Orlando, Fla., and will officially launch the boxes at the end of March.

The bulk boxes contain 20 1-lb frozen patties, available in four formulas: Texas Beef Stew, Chicka Chicka Bow Wow, Porky’s Luau and Turkey Pawella. Each patty is individually wrapped and vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and food safety.

“A Pup Above is very excited to be releasing this option in response to many customer and retailer requests,” said Javier Marriott, co-founder and president, A Pup Above. “These bulk boxes will be very convenient for families with multiple dogs or families that just always want to be stocked up on their dog’s food.”

The new bulk boxes follow many of A Pup Above’s moves toward expansion. Last week, the company expanded its distribution by partnering with Southeast Pet, and earlier this month the company announced a reformulation of its pet food to include bone broth.

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