GREENVILLE, ILL. — Dog-O’s, a pet treat brand owned by Marcoot Jersey Creamery, announced an expansion into e-commerce distribution on March 15. Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers treats, bites and chews are now available to retailers, buyers and wholesale partners through e-commerce distributor

“Having our Dog-O’s product lines available at is a great option for busy pet retailers seeking the convenience of ordering high-quality products from anywhere,” said Amy Marcoot, co-owner, Marcoot Jersey Creamery. “We are grateful for how independent pet retailers have welcomed our 100% USA-made cheese products into their stores, and we are thrilled to offer more ways retailers can order and stock our fresh-sourced, raw diet-friendly cheese dog treats for their dog-passionate customers.”

Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers and Cheesy Chompers with Real Bacon are available through along with other treat formulas. The company’s products will also be available in PDQ displays for retailers through the new distributor.

As well as expanding distribution, Dog-O’s also plans to launch a new raw-friendly frozen dog treat later in 2022.

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