SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — eTailPet, a firm offering e-commerce solutions for independent pet retailers to help them compete in an increasingly digital world, has partnered with Pan Pacific Pet to expand its offerings to pet specialty retailers in Canada.

“For over ten years I’ve been searching for a solution that would enable pet retailers in Canada to quickly and easily go online with a platform that is user friendly and tailored to their needs. eTailPet is that solution!” said Phil Klaassen, chief executive officer of Pan Pacific Pet.  “Bere and her team have developed and implemented this over the past two years and now, in the past month, it has been updated to allow Canadian pet specialty retailers full access to its invaluable solution.” 

Pan Pacific Pet is one of the largest pet product distributors in western Canada, according to eTailPet. The partnership will help independent pet stores build an online presence and compete more aptly with other big box retailers in the e-commerce channel.

“We are excited to work together with Pan Pacific Pet in Canada, we have been empowering independent pet retailers in the US and we are happy to bring those same resources to Canada,” said Berenice Giannini, founder of eTailPet. “We want to build the pet industry worldwide and e-commerce is the perfect way to level the playing field for independent pet retailers that have owned shops for generations.”

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