LONDON — Butternut Box, a UK startup offering fresh dog food, unveiled its first meatless dog meal: Ready Steady Veggie. According to the company, an all-vegetable dog meal was in high demand, as 71% of its consumers said they wanted to provide their pets a vegetable-based meal at least once a week.

“Our dogs aren’t just pets, but important members of our families too,” said Charlotte McCormack, head of product development, Butternut Box. “If we as owners are choosing vegetarian, flexitarian or plant-based lifestyles, then it’s only right that our pets can enjoy that option too! If we enjoy a night away from meat with days like a Meat-Free Monday or a Fishy Friday, we can now extend that to our pets so they are part of family dinner times too.”

Ready Steady Veggie, Butternut Box's first all-veggie dog foodReady Steady Veggie is formulated with protein from eggs, peas and potatoes. (Source: Butternut Box) 

Ready Steady Veggie is a fresh meal that offers a meat-alternative option for dogs. The meal is formulated with protein from eggs, as well as plant-based protein from peas and potatoes. It includes a 60% vegetable-base made from butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans.

According to the company, dog owners do not need to rely on meat to fulfill their pet’s nutritional needs.

“Whilst some pet parents might worry that they can’t give their pet enough protein without meat, there are alternatives that will ensure our dogs are getting enough vitamins, nutrients and protein within their diet,” said Ciara Clarke, Ph.D., in-house veterinarian and research specialist, Butternut Box. “Dogs are omnivores, so a varied and well-balanced diet keeps them happy and healthy for longer.”

The new meal is also formulated with spinach, thyme and parsley to provide more palatability and taste, and is grain-free, low-fat (4.5%) and contains vitamins, antioxidants and protein.

“The launch of Ready Steady Veggie is one that includes amino acids to ensure healthy muscle mass as well as vitamins C and B6 that can help with everything from our dog’s eyesight to supporting their nervous system,” Clarke said.

Ready Steady Veggie joins Butternut Box’s current meat-based meal offerings of Beef It Up, You’ve Got Game and Swish Fish Dish, all of which are grain free, gently cooked and taste tested by dogs and humans.

“Ready Steady Veggie is the latest addition to our range of healthy and sustainable fresh meals for dogs, and it’s one that we know they will love just as much as the rest of our range,” said McCormack.

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