NEW YORK — E-commerce software company Ordergroove announced that Lily’s Kitchen implemented a subscription service with the company on March 1. In creating a subscription service with Ordergrove, the UK-based, premium, natural pet food company is hoping to provide its consumers an innovative and convenient ordering service.

An uptick in e-commerce and subscription-based shopping prompted Lily’s Kitchen to create a robust subscription service. According to the company, in June 2020 more than 10% of its total sales came from subscriptions, which doubled to 20% of total sales by the end of 2021.

The subscription experience by Lily’s Kitchen and Ordergroove ensures that customers receive a regular supply of pet food and also offers cost savings and delivery incentives. Subscribers have complete control over their subscriptions with the ability to edit, pause or cancel. Plus, subscribers can change their order frequency or swap products within their order to ensure their pets get the food they enjoy every month.

“We celebrate the pet-parent relationship in all its forms,” said Michelle Corp, e-commerce director, Lily’s Kitchen. “By adding a subscription experience, we were able to make it much more convenient for pet parents to stock up on their pets’ favorite recipes – and free them up to spend more quality time with their cats and dogs. We knew subscriptions were going to be popular, but their rapid growth was greater than we anticipated. It’s a mutual success story for our valued pet parents, Lily’s Kitchen, and Ordergroove.”

The Ordergroove subscription experience blends in seamlessly with Lily’s Kitchen’s existing e-commerce platform and operates with a high level of automation.

“The decision by Lily’s Kitchen to launch a subscription offering aligns perfectly with the brand’s mission to deliver wholesome pet recipes and be a force for good,” said Greg Alvo, chief executive officer, Ordergroove. “The results Lily’s Kitchen has achieved with subscriptions are phenomenal and are a testament to the importance of fostering relationships, rewarding loyalty and listening to consumers’ call for convenient shopping experiences.”

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