WESTLAKE, TEXAS — On Feb. 7, Virbac, an animal health company, announced the launch of its first line of pet food: Veterinary HPM® Pet Nutrition, formulated for spayed and neutered animals. The line includes two cat foods and four dog foods.

The company created the food line based on data about spayed and neutered pets. According to Virbac, over 90% of pets in the United States are spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering can decrease a pet’s metabolism by up to 30% and increase a pet’s appetite by up to 60%, leading to obesity, according to the company.

Unfortunately, the company stated, many pet owners are not aware of the increased risk of obesity and do not adjust their pet’s diets after their operations.

"We've seen remarkable success with this product in European markets and believe in its ability to provide pet owners with the best resource for their pet's health," said François Fournier, chief executive officer and president, Virbac North America. "We're thrilled to bring Veterinary HPM Pet Nutrition to the market in the United States, as it provides pet owners with a diet designed to meet the specific needs of their spayed or neutered dogs and cats."

The new dry food is available is six different formulas, customized to fit pets based on their age and size. The Veterinary HPM Spay and Neuter line features: Junior Cat Food, Adult Cat Food, Small & Toy Junior Dog Food, Small & Toy Adult Dog Food, Large & Medium Junior Dog Food and Large & Medium Adult Dog Food.

Virbac’s new line of pet food will be available through veterinarians and through the company’s e-commerce platform.

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