NANTES, FRANCE — Linxis Group expanded its offerings in mixing technology with the acquisition of Shaffer industrial mixers and processing equipment from Bundy Baking Solutions. The Bundy family will remain as minority owners in the business.

The acquisition was made with Linxis Group’s financial partner IK Partners, a Pan-European private equity firm that supports companies that it deems to have strong underlying potential.

The mixing technologies division of Linxis already includes Diosna and VMI, which specialize in vertical and continuous mixing capabilities. Through the acquisition of Shaffer, Linxis adds horizontal mixers to its portfolio.

“The addition of Shaffer enables Linxis Group to build on our family of market-leading brands,” said Tim Cook, president and chief executive officer of the Linxis Group. “Shaffer is well known throughout the industry for providing highly reliable and innovative equipment with a focus on customer service and support. We look forward to continuing that legacy by supporting the team at Shaffer in product development and international expansion.”

Shaffer has been a part of Bundy Baking Solutions, a supplier of essential equipment, bakeware, coatings and services to the baking industry, for more than a decade. Gilbert Bundy, CEO of Bundy Baking Solutions, expressed his view that this is a natural move for the brand.

“We are very excited for Shaffer and the new opportunities they will discover as part of the Linxis Group,” he said. “We have had the privilege of working with the Shaffer team for the past 14 years and believe this was the next step in realizing the full market potential of Shaffer. We know that the Linxis Group team, together with the existing Shaffer team, will continue to move Shaffer forward to be the world leader in the horizontal mixer category.”

In addition to mixing technologies, Linxis Group offers its customers ingredient automation, pre-dough systems and depositing systems through its other brands: Bakon, Shick Esteve and Unifiller.

With IK Partners, Linxis supports these companies in their mission to grow as leaders in process equipment design and supply in the food and health industries. With the acquisition, Shaffer will be able to take advantage of those resources, said Kirk Lang, vice president of Shaffer.

“Joining the Linxis Group provides Shaffer with additional resources for research and development and enables us to further integrate and advance ingredient and mixing systems,” he said. “The ultimate result of this new venture is that now, more than ever, we are able to provide our customers the best mixing solutions and services possible.”

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