COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Oterra, a leading supplier of natural colors headquartered in Denmark, announced Jan. 3 the acquisition of Food Ingredient Solutions. This is Oterra’s first US-based acquisition.

The addition of Food Ingredient Solutions furthers Oterra’s expansion in the natural color space and comes after previous acquisitions of SECNA Natural Ingredients Group S.L. and Diana Food’s coloring business in Europe. Food Ingredient Solutions will allow Oterra to strengthen its world-wide presence.

“North America is one of the fastest growing natural colors markets, and this acquisition puts Oterra in a great position to further support our customers in the conversion towards natural colors,” said Cees de Jong, chairman, Oterra.

Since its founding in 1999, Food Ingredient Solutions has become a leading American producer of natural colors. The company currently has more than 400 customers and operates two processing facilities in Teterboro, N.J. and Marshfield, Mo.

“We look forward to welcoming the Food Ingredient Solutions team to Oterra,” said Odd Erik Hansen, chief executive officer, Oterra. “They will join a strong team of dedicated natural color specialists from around the world, and their addition will be met with excitement, especially from our US employees as we further strengthen our US position.”

Jeff Greaves, founder and chief executive officer of Food Ingredient Solutions, will join Oterra.

“I’m thrilled that Food Ingredient Solutions will become a part of Oterra,” Greaves said. “We have a strong local presence and great customer relationships, and as Oterra we will be able to offer our customers access to the most extensive portfolio of natural colors in the world.”

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