RICHFIELD, WIS. — Dr. Marty Pets™, a premium freeze-dried raw pet nutrition brand, announced the opening of its new Golden Pet Manufacturing facility. Located in Richfield, the facility will be operated by Dr. Marty Pets’ affiliate Golden Hippo.

Dr. Marty Pets has witnessed significant growth in past years, growing at an average annual pace of 20%, according to the brand. In order to keep up with this growth and increasing consumer demand, the brand will leverage the new facility to increase the production of its premium pet food formulas.

Alongside its mission to meet demand, Dr. Marty Pets built the new facility to help fine-tune its high-quality ingredient control. It will allow the brand to personally monitor the quality of its raw materials and ingredients, as well as enable it to source its own ingredients. The Golden Pet Manufacturing plant will leverage a robust supply chain to efficiently produce many of Dr. Marty Pets’ best-selling products, like its Nature’s Blend Essential Wellness line and Joey’s Favorites freeze-dried salmon treats, among others.

“This gives us the opportunity to trace raw ingredients, improve upon our already high-quality control and create a better sustainability story for our food products,” said Dan Markenson, head of retail at Dr. Marty Pets. “Our retail partners are excited about our ability to continue our great level of service as we rapidly grow our business with them.”

The Golden Pet Manufacturing facility will also help Dr. Marty Pets offset its environmental impacts. According to the brand, the facility has been instilled with sustainable practices, including high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, technologically advanced high pressure processing (HPP) pumps — which allow for a 15% reduction in energy usage — new recycling initiatives and more. The facility will also transport inedible products to a rendering plant for reuse.

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