GATWICK, UNITED KINGDOM — Nestlé Purina Petcare announced the launch of its first full-range pouch packages that are designed to be recyclable. The new recyclable packaging will debut in two of Purina’s biggest brands.

The new pouches replace non-recyclable, multi-layer alternatives that Purina used in the past and are a part of the company’s sustainable packaging goals. By 2025, Purina hopes to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging globally.

The pouches will debut in Purina’s Gourmet Mon Petit brand, a European premium wet cat food. Beginning May 2022, the packaging will roll out to more than 20 countries throughout Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Italy. In early 2023, the packaging will be included in Purina’s Felix Soup range, a leader of wet cat food in Europe.

The mono-material pouch packaging is made of Polypropylene (PP), which offers recyclability benefits without compromising on quality. The pouches can withstand high temperatures and sterilization processes, providing strong protection.

“The new mono-material pouches are another great example of our commitment to using simpler packaging, making recycling easier for pet owners,” said Sokhna Gueye, head of packaging at Nestlé UK and Ireland. “These new pouches demonstrate progress and can now be recycled at larger supermarkets in the UK and at curbside in Ireland.

“Simplification of our pouch structures will also enable this type of packaging to be part of flexible packaging household recycling collection, which has been announced by the government to be introduced by March 2027,” Gueye added. “We look forward to rolling out mono-material pouches across the rest of our UK pet portfolio in the coming years.”

The pouch packaging will be sold and shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, offering six pouches with three flavors of the Gourmet Mon Petit range.

“This innovation is a significant step forward in our drive to deliver recyclable or reusable packaging on all of our products by 2025,” said Jeff Hamilton, chief executive officer of Nestlé Purina. “As one of the world’s leading pet care and pet nutrition providers, Purina aims to help create richer lives for pets and the people who love them. This vision extends to the world in which we all live, and Purina is working hard to reduce the environmental footprint of the materials we use.”

As well as expanding its use of recyclable packaging, Purina is also currently exploring innovations for paper-based packaging and piloting reusable packaging, in which consumers can fill their own containers with dry pet food products.

“We are proud to be playing our part in creating a world where pets and people can thrive, and initiatives like this support our goal of offering solutions that are better for pets, and the planet,” Hamilton said.

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