AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Rhodes Pet Science, a pet care company under the ZURU Group, announced an expansion to its brand portfolio with the launch of a new, hyper-traceable pet food brand: Goodlands. The new brand joins Rhodes’ other pet food brands, including NOOD and BONKERS. 

Through the new brand, Rhodes aims to shape the future of pet nutrition and wellness. The company has launched its brands throughout 15 countries in just 36 months and across more than 200,000 distribution areas. According to the company, it is set to become the fastest growing pet care company in the world this year. In addition to Goodlands, it is also launching Smart Box, a health-monitoring cat litter, and Business Litter, a sustainable clay litter alternative.

Rhodes’ new innovative brands aim to meet the needs of Millennial and Gen Z pet parents. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), these generations represent nearly half of all pet owners throughout the world and contribute the fastest growing share of spend. These younger consumers are making their mark on the industry.

Goodlands uses Smart Trace Technology to ensure ingredient traceability and transparencySource: Goodlands

“These modern pet owners are redefining the traditional family structure to include their pets,” said Anna Tompkins, global head of marketing at Rhodes. “They have different expectations of pet food brands than previous generations; expect greater transparency as to what goes into the products they buy for their pets; and engage with brands very differently through digital platforms.”

Rhodes’ new Goodlands pet food brand brings ingredient traceability to the next level. The brand uses its Smart Trace Technology™, allowing all ingredients to be completely traced to their original source, down to the specific country and state. Goodlands’ products include three dry cat food formulas, including one specifically for kittens, and three dry dog food formulas, including one specifically for puppies. 

Goodlands is distributed throughout the United States in partnership with retail giant Walmart, marking a significant US expansion for New Zealand-based Rhodes. 

In addition to Goodlands, Rhodes’ BONKERS and NOOD brands have continued to witness success. BONKERS offers treats designed to help strengthen the human-pet bond and NOOD provides a preimmunized experience to pet foods using humanized ingredients. According to Rhodes, BONKERS is the No. 1 fastest growing cat treat brand in America based on data from Nielsen, and NOOD has received a Tesco Innovation Award.

Rhodes shared that it will continue to “push the boundaries of innovation” in the pet care industry to meet pet parents’ needs and further solidify its leading position in the market. 

“Rhodes Pet Science brands bring together genuine innovation, high quality ingredients and superior performance, all while delivering at a more affordable and accessible price point,” said Alistair King, co-founder of Rhodes. 

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