BRUSSELS — The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) announced Oct. 15 it has released the latest version of its Nutritional Guidelines for Pet Food for Cats and Dogs. Raquel Izquierdo De Santiago, secretary general of FEDIAF, described the updated Guidelines as “the go-to source helping manufacturers in their mission to provide safe, palatable and nutritious food for pets.”

The organization worked closely with its Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of European pet food academics, scientists and consultant firms, to develop an updated version of its Nutritional Guidelines.

“Based on the review on the recent nutritional scientific literature, several updates were made, which include phosphorus and an updated calculation for energy requirements for puppies,” said Thomas Brenten, chair of FEDIAF’s Nutrition Working Group.

This newest version encompasses several changes, including updated nutrient definitions and citations, footnotes and additional information on phosphorus. For example, FEDIAF added a new section under “Minerals,” explaining the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) introduction of maximum levels for calcium and phosphorus “out of concern for the risk of nutrient excess.” This section highlighted that FEDIAF also updated nutritional maximums for these two minerals.

Pet food manufacturers can access the 2021 Nutritional Guidelines on the FEDIAF website.

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