BRUSSELS — After releasing a report debunking common myths about the role of carbohydrates in pet food, the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) has published a fact sheet designed as a quick go-to guide for pet owners.

“The Carbohydrates Factsheet is a pet owner-friendly resource developed to complement our more detailed ‘FEDIAF Scientific Advisory Board Carbohydrate Expert Review’ paper, which has been well received by professionals,” said Dr. Thomas Brenten, chair of the FEDIAF Nutrition and Analytical Science Working Group.

The fact sheet includes information about different types of fiber, the main sources of carbohydrates and the benefits that digestible carbohydrates have on pet nutrition. It was developed with the help of FEDIAF’s Scientific Advisory Board, as was the initial Expert Review report.

This most recent resource brings FEDIAF’s total fact sheet count to 20.

“We are delighted to be expanding our range of fact sheets, which are a valuable resource for pet professionals at the front line of pet care,” added Dr. Jakub Rusek, FEDIAF’s policy advisor.

FEDIAF’s latest fact sheet, “Carbohydrates in Dog and Cat Food,” can be downloaded on its website, along with the organization’s other fact sheets.

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