YORK, PA. — Readco Kurimoto, LLC, an industrial mixing technology supplier, is offering its Continuous Processors for highly viscous, liquid and dry materials, including in pet food processing applications. The systems automatically mix multiple materials into a homogenous mixture without the need for additional water for thinning.

The proprietary design features twin, co-rotating screws within a closed barrel. The Continuous Processors can be custom engineered to handle viscous materials of more than 10 million centipoise (cps). Downstream drying and cooling requirements are eliminated because the system does not incorporate water at the outset of mixed materials.

“The Readco Kurimoto Continuous Processors have been providing a valuable, efficient processing solution to the pet food industry for decades,” said Doug Dodson, sales manager at Readco. “Whether for making doughs for dog biscuits, cremes or slurries for dual textured treats, or meat emulsions for more natural pet foods, Readco Kurimoto has played a key role in helping many of the best-known brands transition from batch to continuous processing.

“With scrutiny over sanitation becoming more stringent in the pet food industry, the Continuous Processor is proving to be an even greater value since it offers a variety of sanitary design options that have been proven in the food and pharmaceutical industries,” Dodson added.

Compared to batch processing, the Continuous Processor offers comparable or faster production rates while operating with less material at a time, Readco stated. This can remove the risk of line shutdowns due to motor overload issues posed by batch mixers when homogenizing highly viscous materials.

These systems can be tested at Readco’s on-site test laboratory for multiple materials and to help processors forecast raw materials, water, energy, labor, time and other savings offered by its Continuous Processors.

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