ST. LOUIS — Forty percent of dog owners are confident they are feeding their dog the right type of food, leaving the remaining 60% unsure whether their pet food choice is the best for their canine companion, according to a survey of 800 dog owners by Just Right Pet Food.

The survey, “Nutritional Knowledge for Dogs,” was conducted between June 11 and 20, 2021 across all dog-owning age groups, and revealed some across-the-board sentiments as well as generational insights into how younger and older generations view their dogs’ food.

According to the survey the most important factors in selecting pet food are the quality of ingredients and their dogs’ preferences. Roughly 66% of respondents said the quality of ingredients is “extremely important” in their purchasing decision, and 90% reported their dog’s personal food preference is “the most important factor.”

Younger generations tend to be more interested in personalized dog nutrition options. The survey revealed Gen Z pet owners (ages 18 to 24) are three-times more likely to be interested in personalized diets compared to older pet owners (ages 35 to 54).

Most Gen Z pet owners (54%)   interpret personalized dog food as meaning the diet has quality ingredients, while Millennial pet owners (ages 25 to 34) interpret this category to mean “better for my dog,” according to the survey.

Additionally, Millennial pet owners are more likely to order their dogs food online compared to all other age groups represented in the survey, based on what Purina described as the “convenience factor” offered by e-commerce and growing trends toward the personalized pet nutrition offerings typically found among online direct-to-consumer brands.

Just Right personalized kibble for dogs

Just Right is a direct-to-consumer, subscription-based brand that provides personalized dog diets based on an online quiz taken by pet owners. The quiz asks about their dog’s gender, age, breed, weight, activity, mobility, skin and coat condition, and even how fast they tend to eat their food. It also asks about their dog’s current diet and allows pet owners to select dietary limitations for plant- and grain-based ingredients and protein preferences.

"Just Right's personalized approach to dog food gives pet owners the assurance that they are providing their dog with a balanced diet," said Patricia Ochonski, pet nutritionist at Just Right. "Dog owners can feel confident that they are feeding their dog correctly when the power is in their hands. The blends for Just Right start with the dog's owner and is balanced by a nutritional expert to provide the ideal combination for their pet's unique nutritional needs."

Over the last year, Just Right has delivered more than a million meals across the United States.

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