COVINGTON, LA. — Allpax on May 19 rolled out its newest automated batch retort system (ABRS), featuring a patented shuttle with mounted telescoping loading and unloading capabilities. The system can assist with social distancing inside production plants, as it reduces reliance on facility personnel while upholding high food safety standards.

The ABRS solution does not require employees to manually load and unload baskets, therefore reducing the risk of injury in these processes.

The telescoping feature uses rigid chain and reel technology, which builds on previous generations of “push/pull” systems in a more cost efficient and simple way. Basket handling is improved, and maintenance and sanitation are simplified. The solution also increases sanitation in raw pet food processing applications by separating pre- and post-cook product.

Allpax can customize its ABRS systems based on the diameter of a retort, from those that hold two to 12 baskets or tray stacks, according to the company. They can also be retrofitted to existing retorts.

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