KANSAS CITY, MO. – Multivac Inc.’s new $11.2 million logistics center, located at the company’s United States headquarters in Kansas City, is up and running. The new center, which was completed in March, was designed to modernize and streamline spare parts order fulfillment. More than 7,000 spare part SKUs are housed in the 33,000-square-foot addition.

Every week, the company ships between 1,500 and 2,000 individual parts to customers. A new $4 million automated storage and retrieval system uses 12 robots to select the customer requested parts. The company estimates that its efficiencies have increased 30% with the new system.

The new center also houses the only mobile cantilever racking system in the United States to help facilitate speedy shipment of more than 300 stock machines from the facility annually.

“Stacking up to three large machines vertically in the new mobile cantilever racks has allowed us to bring our entire large equipment inventory in-house for faster, streamlined handling and fulfillment of customer orders,” said Markus Walderich, chief technical officer for Multivac. “The investment coincides with Multivac’s current and future growth, enabling us to scale alongside our customers.”

Brian Key, director of service products for Multivac, added, "It's so exciting that Multivac invested heavily in upgrading our logistics operations to enhance our capacity and support our passion for delivering great customer service. This modern logistics center, high inventory capacity, and nearly 35 full-time teammates – solely dedicated to spare parts and planned maintenance services – mean that Multivac can respond with excellence 24/7 – something I'm very proud of. Owning ‘response-ability’ for our customer's success will continue to drive our efforts on the Multivac Customer Service Team.”

Multivac supplies integrated packaging solutions with a focus on packaging, processing, portioning, labelling and marking, inspection and handling.

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