DES MOINES, IOWA — Kemin Industries on July 15 broke ground at its new quality control (QC) laboratory in Des Moines where the company will showcase the integrity of its finished products and analytical capabilities.

The 15,000-sq-ft facility represents an $8 million investment from Kemin, which expects the QC lab to open mid-2021.

"Building a new QC lab reinforces our commitment to delivering on our promise to customers and consumers that what they receive from Kemin is the result of our scientific expertise, innovative technologies and dedication to doing more to make our world better," said Dr. Chris Nelson, president and chief executive officer of Kemin. "Last year, we set an ambitious vision to transform the quality of life for 80 percent of the world, and with the continuing support of our valued customers, Kemin can make that vision a reality."

The QC lab will also feature a Central Analytical Laboratory for Target Analytes and Xenobiotics (CALTAX), where more than 30 scientists from Kemin’s pet food business, human and animal health and nutrition unit and food technologies division will test raw materials for dioxins, pesticides, antibiotics and other hazards.

Kemin expects the new facility to centralize its analytical analysis capabilities to promote efficiency and collaboration.

A small, closed ribbon-cutting event was held for the facility due to COVID-19 restrictions. Kemin plans to hold a larger ceremony when the QC lab opens in 2021.

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