GUARULHOS, BRAZIL — Bassar Pet Food announced a recall of all its products on Sept. 9 following ingredient contamination found by Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

According to MAPA, propylene glycol, a raw material produced by Tecno Clean Industrial, has been contaminated by monoethylene glycol.

Bassar Pet Food is urging customers to discard all Bassar branded pet food products manufactured since Feb. 7, 2022.

“We, from the Bassar Pet Food team, are extremely dismayed by the reports of animal contamination and want to express our deepest feelings for what happened,” said Bassar Pet Food in a prepared statement. “We are also guardians and we know the pain and sadness of losing a pet, even more so in circumstances such as those being investigated.”

Other animal feed and pet food producers may also be impacted by the recall, as MAPA is urging companies to recall products formulated with propylene glycol ingredients sourced from Tecno Clean Industrial.

According to MAPA’s Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin, contamination was detected in Tecno Clean’s batches numbered AD5053C22 and AD4055C21 with the name Propylene Glycol USP. MAPA acquired the contaminated ingredients from Bassar Pet Food, which is currently cooperating with Brazilian authorities.

Propylene glycol is an additive used in human and pet food products, however, monoethylene glycol is a toxic chemical that can prove lethal to pets if ingested.

MAPA is currently investigating the cause of contamination and enforcing a strict recall procedure. Manufacturers registered with MAPA must identify all their animal feed products formulated with the raw materials and collect them from wholesalers and retailers.

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