BLOOMFIELD, N.J. — Fieldcrest Farms is promoting the safety and digestibility of its patent-pending rawhide alternative dog chews.

The Nothin’ to Hide™ brand by Ethical Products, Inc. offers chews primarily made from collagen powder, which offers better digestibility, safety and has functional benefits for skin, coat and joint health.

“What most people don’t know is that traditional rawhide is a byproduct of the leather industry, and after soaking in harsh chemicals and preservatives it becomes a highly processed chew that’s extremely difficult to digest,” said Susan Calles, national marketing manager of Ethical Products, Inc. “Nothin’ to Hide is a traditional rawhide alternative and pet parents can rest assured knowing that while providing an exceptionally tasty, long-lasting chewing experience, our chews will also readily break down in their dog’s stomach.”

Nothin’ to Hide chews are lab-tested and confirmed as a highly digestible rawhide alternative. They are available in beef, chicken and peanut butter flavors in various shapes and sizes, including bagels, flip chips, rolls and other formats.

With Petco’s recent news banning traditional rawhide dog chews from its store and online shelves, Nothin’ to Hide has emerged as a viable option that adheres to the retailer’s new holistic health guidelines. The chews are available at Petco, and other independent pet stores across the United States.

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