ST. LOUIS — Dogswell, a Whitebridge Pet Brands company, announced Dec. 3 the launch of its latest product: VITALITY Jerky for dogs. The treat line includes two functional formulas to promote overall health and wellness.

VITALITY Jerky is available in two formulas: Chicken and Mango and Beef and Banana. Each formula includes US-sourced, farm-raised chicken or beef as the first ingredient. Other ingredients include vitamin-rich superfoods such as mango, banana, ginger, honey and coconut oil.

“Dogswell is known for functional treats that are designed to address specific canine health issues,” said Jessika Zulic, senior brand manager at Dogswell. “Now with the new Dogswell VITALITY Jerky we are pleased to introduce a treat that can be given proactively to support a dog’s overall health and vitality.”

Both jerky formulas are free of grains, byproducts, added sugar and artificial ingredients.

“Humans are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of including superfoods in their own diets,” Zulic added.  “Many pet parents would love to be able to give antioxidant- and nutrient-rich superfoods to their four-footed family members too, and with Dogswell VITALITY Jerky they can.”

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