VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — PlantX Life Inc., a one-stop-shop for plant-based products across North America, has added Kirtana Inc.’s vegan pet food products to its e-commerce platform. The addition will help expand PlantX’s product categories.

“Launching the pet food section of with Kirtana Inc. products is very exciting,” said Sean Dollinger, founder of PlantX. “Now we can offer a plant-based lifestyle to both human consumers and their pets.”

PlantX will offer three Kirtana brands on its e-commerce platform, including Ami, Benevo and Evolution Diet. Products from these brands include plant-based kibbles, wet foods and vegan treats. All products are eco-friendly and ethically sourced, incorporating oats, maize, soy, pea protein and sunflower seeds as key ingredients.

“By adding pet food to the website, we have touched on a product that is meaningful around the world,” said Morris Hoffman, shareholder of PlantX. “We are very proud to be partnering with Kirtana Inc. It’s refreshing to know that the PlantX team goes through a lengthy process before partnering with brands. I am proud to invest in a company like PlantX that ensures all partners live up to these standards.”

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