AUSTIN, TEXAS — Rogue Pet Science, a national pet product company based in Texas, announced May 11 its acquisition of KC Canine’s line of pet treats. Going forward, KC Canine’s treat products will be marketed as “KC Strips,” although formulation, ingredient sourcing and manufacturing will remain unchanged.

Rogue Pet Science emerged in the pet space three years ago. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has adjusted its marketing and sales strategy to include omnichannel and e-commerce approaches. Its acquisition of KC Canine’s pet treat line is expected to give Rogue a leg up as the brand is already established in terms of the marketplace, supply chain and customer base.

KC Canine sources and produces its line of single-protein, human-grade dog treats in the United States.

"Rogue cares just as much about the quality of ingredients and the dogs as I do,” said Bill Schwing, owner of KC Canine. “Rogue will maintain the same sourcing at the same family-run facility I have always worked with, they are not going to uproot the process."

Rogue Pet Science also noted the acquisition was an effort to “band together with other small companies” as financial and social impacts of the pandemic loom. The company said it plans to establish additional partnerships going forward.

Founded in 2001, KC Canine sources muscle meat from USDA-inspected, farm-raised livestock from the Flint Hills region of Kansas. The single-protein jerky treats for dogs are dehydrated for eight hours before being packaged in vacuum-sealed bags, according to the company.

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