AUSTIN, TEXAS — Rogue Pet Science announced June 3 the launch of its latest pet product, Pumpkin Pro supplements for dogs. The product is designed to “fix loose stools” and aid digestion issues.

Pumpkin Pro is a powder formulated with human-grade, organic pumpkin grown in the United States. The formula excludes pumpkin seeds and skin, using only the meat of the produce to minimize gastrointestinal distress.

The product is also formulated with fermented organic turmeric and ginger to support immune system health, reduce inflammation, ease mobility issues and deliver antioxidants that help with digestion. The ingredients are fermented to “improve the nutritional availability” of the turmeric and ginger ingredients, according to Rogue Pet Science.

The release of Pumpkin Pro comes shortly after Rogue Pet Science acquired KC Canine’s line of jerky-style pet treats in May 2020. The company rebranded the line as “KC Strips” and now sells them through its e-commerce platform nationwide.

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