LONG BEACH, CALIF. — Redbarn Pet Products announced April 15 it is kicking off a new educational blog, Dog Food 101, discussing dogs’ nutritional needs. The blog will be written by Charmaine Griffin, a copywriter for Redbarn, with the help of the company’s veterinary team.

So far, the pet food and treat brand has published blog posts on three topics: addressing common grain myths, the grain versus grain-free debate and the top five benefits of legumes in dog foods.

"Pet parents have more information, often contradictory or confusing, and more choices than ever before when picking out dog food,” Griffin said. “It can quickly become an overwhelming process. Our main goal with this series is not to sell Redbarn, but to share our knowledge, so pet parents have digestible and accessible information when deciding what to feed their dogs."

Future topics will aim to answer questions about ingredient and by-product meals, understanding the dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) debacle and whether dogs are obligate carnivores or omnivores.

“No matter how tricky the question is, it's important for the pet parent to ask it and for Redbarn to give a transparent answer rooted in expertise,” Griffin said.

Redbarn has been in the pet food and treat business since launching its first product, Rolled Food for Dogs, in 1996. The company also produces a variety of dog chews including bully chews, for which it sources grass-fed, free-range beef from its manufacturing facility in Paraguay, as well as injection molded chews, which it manufactures through its recent acquisition of Polyshot.

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