LONG BEACH, Calif. — Redbarn Pet Products announced Feb. 14 the launch of a new dental dog treat line, Chew-A-Bulls, which are molded into unique shapes and provide an easily digestible option for improving canine dental health.

Chew-A-Bulls are formulated with all-natural ingredients, such as parsley to provide antioxidants, cellulose for fiber, and cumin to support digestion. The chews are free from starches, gluten and sugar.

There are currently four shapes available. The Hydrant, Chip and Brush shapes are suitable for all sizes, from miniature to large dogs, and the Horned Toad is appropriate for medium and large dogs.

These new chews are a result of Redbarn’s acquisition of Polyshot, an injection molding manufacturing company, which produces the chews and offers “limitless shapes and line expansions in the future,” Redbarn said.

“We’re honored the Polyshot team joined our family and is continuing our mission of helping pet parents make nutritious decisions for their pets. With the help of their world-class technology, Redbarn is once again expanding our portfolio with truly innovative treats that prioritize the health and wellness of our dogs,” said Jeff Baikie, co-founder of Redbarn.

Chew-A-Bulls are intended for daily use as a supplement to regular tooth brushing. The ridges and grooves of the treats act as plaque- and tartar-scraping mechanisms that also gently massage the dog’s gums while chewing.

Redbarn Pet Products will be exhibiting at Global Pet Expo Feb. 26-28 at booth #1367.

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