LONG BEACH, CALIF. — Redbarn Pet Products debuted its first dry dog food formulas on Oct. 27, launching a whole grain-inclusive line as well as a grain-free line of high-protein kibble for dogs.

In each of the whole grain and grain-free formulas, the first five ingredients are animal proteins. The formulas are separated by “Land,” “Sky,” and “Ocean,” divided by the types of animal proteins used in each formula.

The Land formulas include beef, lamb, lamb meal, beef meal and pork meal; the Sky recipes feature turkey, chicken, chicken meal, duck meal and turkey meal; and the Ocean formulas include salmon, trout, salmon meal, ocean fish meal and Menhaden fish meal.

"All dogs love meat, so we wanted to create an affordable dry dog food rich in high-quality animal proteins,” said Jeff Baikie, co-founder of Redbarn. “But as true omnivores, our next priority was creating a complete and balanced meal to support their overall health, wellness and longevity. But no two dogs or pet parents are the same, which is what eventually led us to create these Whole Grain and Grain-Free varieties."

Redbarn’s Whole Grain dry dog foods are formulated with brown rice, oatmeal and barley. Its Grain-Free formulas include pumpkin, nutrient-rich legumes and other vegetables. Other ingredients include prebiotic fiber, sunflower oil and flaxseed, as well as added methionine, taurine and L-carnitine.

According to the company, each diet addresses overall wellness, including heart health, digestive health, and skin and coat health.

The company also teased the launch of air-dried dog food formulas, which will be released soon. These upcoming diets feature high-levels of dehydrated animal proteins. The fish formula includes 90% fish protein, the beef formula includes 96% beef and beef liver protein, and the chicken formula includes 97% chicken protein.

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