ROCKFORD, ILL. — Phelps Pet Products, a co-manufacturer of specialty dog treats, released a new functional line and a private brand collection last week during Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla. The company’s new Pet MD “Treats for Good” line contains eight SKUs, each targeting a different area of health and wellness for dogs.

“We chose to develop the Pet MD line using a more natural and holistic approach,” said Rick Ruffolo, chief executive officer of Phelps. “Each product recipe features safe, effective, and widely-accepted ingredients designed to specifically help target the most prevalent concerns our dogs face as they age.”

The line includes a mobility support treat with anti-inflammatory ingredients; a skin and coat health recipe with Omega fatty acids; a digestive support treat with pre- and probiotic fibers; a cheese-flavored dental treat; a bland recipe for dogs with sensitive stomachs; a treat for puppies and geriatric dogs; an anxiety reducing formula; and a pill concealer for dosing and wrapping medicines.

The Pet MD line was featured in the New Product Showcase at Global Pet Expo and will launch in retail stores in July 2020, Phelps said.

The company’s other new offering is a line of its 14 most popular pet treat formulas, including USDA certified organic animal proteins, Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish ingredients, and plant-based “beef” bites, which Phelps will co-manufacture for private label customers.

“The products all are made in the USA in custom-labeled packaging with low minimums, short lead-times and no long-term commitments,” Ruffalo said.

Through Phelps’ new private label program, startups, e-commerce platforms and independent retailers will be able to market and sell these products while Phelps manages product development, package designs and inventory on the back end.

“We designed the line so smaller retailers and entrepreneurial brands can create and expand their branded dog treat items without the risk of over-investing in product development, certifications, packaging or inventory,” Ruffalo added.

Phelps said it expects its private brand products to be ready to ship to customers as soon as April 2020.

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