CORONA, CALIF. — CBD Living, a global brand of cannabidiol-infused consumer packaged goods (CPGs), on March 11 launched a pet-specific line with 19 products ranging from crunchy and soft edible chews and gel capsules to tinctures, topicals and grooming products.

“Our No. 1 request from loyal CBD Living customers who see great results from our products is that we make something they can share with their pets,” says Bill DiSegna, founder and chief executive officer of CBD Living.

The line includes 10 products for dogs, five for cats and four that are appropriate for all pets, which includes a tincture, a water-additive, shampoo and conditioner.

Dog products include a “One-a-Day” gel capsule, soft and hard chews, three tinctures, a breath spray, a salve for paw pads and noses, a foam for soothing hot spots and a general moisturizing foam. These products range from 5 mg of CBD per dose to 1,000 mg, depending on the product.

For cats, CBD Living offers a “One-a-Day” gel capsule, one tincture, a salve for paw pads and noses, a hot spot relieving foam and a general moisturizing foam. These range from 2.5 mg of CBD per dose to 250 mg.

Other products include extra strength gel capsules, which are formulated with hemp seed powder and CBD, and a water additive that claims to have calming effects.

“From senior pups with joint problems to anxious cats with excessive licking behavior, CBD Living Pet products are designed to solve problems uniquely suited to animals with the same quality as CBD Living’s main (human) line,” DiSegna added.

All products include broad-spectrum CBD.

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