ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Royal Canin’s premium performance brand, Eukanuba, announced Feb. 5 it is launching two educational programs, one of which is a podcast designed to inform sporting dog professionals and owners about performance nutrition and health.

The podcast, “FUELED: A Sporting Dog Podcast,” will be hosted by Dr. Joe Spoo, a veterinarian and graduate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Spoo has dedicated his career to becoming an expert on sporting dog health, nutrition and training, Eukanuba said.

"Our hope with this podcast is to talk to the leading experts in the world about subjects near and dear to the hearts of sporting dog owners and bring them the best information possible about topics that affect their companions. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there that hasn't been vetted by the scientific community, our goal is to bring science and facts to the discussion in an informative and entertaining manner," Spoo said.

Season one launched Feb. 5 on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Libsyn, and other platforms, and will tackle hot topics affecting this canine category.

Eukanuba also introduced a specialized website for sporting dog owners and professionals,, to house its podcast episodes and serve as a hub for resources and educational materials regarding sporting dog health and nutrition, “along with performance and training tips from some of the industry’s best professional trainers,” the company added.

"We are proud to be a part of the sporting dog community – the people, organizations and the dogs we are fortunate to 'fuel' on a daily basis," said David Everson, chief marketing officer of Eukanuba and Royal Canin. "We believe this community deserves to have the best resources available and our hope with the FUELED podcast and our new microsite is to provide a resource that will benefit both professionals and dog owners in advancing the conversation around how to best support these dogs that give us everything they've got. And then some."

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