ST. CHARLES, MO. — After researching and confirming the effectiveness of a cutting-edge dog food formula to help keep body temperature down in dogs during high-intensity activities, Eukanuba has launched the new performance product, Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT with ThermoEdge™ technology.

The company conducted field research into nutritional impacts of its ThermoEdge technology in an internal study. A group of dogs was fed the Premium Performance ThermoEdge diet for 50 days and then measured during intense exercise activities. The company found ThermoEdge to be a successful solution to reduce dogs’ peak body temperatures during exercise. 

"Sporting and working dogs are at the center of our brand, and this is why we expanded our research on nutrition-led body temperature regulation,” said Bruno Tachon, vice president of North American marketing for Eukanuba. “We are thrilled to release our new ThermoEdge claim, Eukanuba Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT diet is our first field-tested diet to help reduce a dog's peak body temperature caused by intense activity."

Eukanuba said it plans to launch additional studies on this formulation in the future.

"At Eukanuba™, we strive to create nutrition that helps canine athletes and their owners achieve their goals,” added Russ Kelley, scientific services nutritionist at Eukanuba’s Pet Health and Nutrition Center. “We want every adventure with your dog to be enjoyable and safe, especially in the warmer months where heat and humidity present a health challenge. It's exciting that nutrition can play a role in helping reduce a dog's peak body temperature caused by intense activity."

Eukanuba’s Premium Performance 30/20 SPORT formula is also formulated to support digestive and joint health, and delivers at least 30% protein and 20% fat to help sustain energy in working and sporting dogs.

The company first launched its Premium Performance line in September 2020.

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