LYON, France — This year at the National Congress of The French Association of Veterinarians for Pets (AFVAC), which took place Nov. 28 to 30 in Lyon, Royal Canin announced the launch of a unique individualized nutritional solution for cats and dogs. The solution, Royal Canin Individualis, will be rolled out in the French market before being extended to other international markets.

Individualis is designed to offer more than 10,000 nutritional combinations adapted to each animal and their specific health concerns, allergies and needs. The main goal behind the solutions is to offer each cat and dog a tailor-made diet accounting for age, weight, risk factors and possible pathologies.

According to Royal Canin, many animals suffering from a pathology also present risk factors related to breed, lifestyle or age. For example, an 11-year-old cat treated for urinary stones also has risk factors related to age, such as tartar, osteo-articular and renal sensitivity.

The pet food company reported that publications show that up to 30% of cats and dogs treated for a specific disease suffer from one or more associated conditions that are not covered. However, nutritional support is key in the prevention and treatment of certain pathologies (overweight, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, etc.) and even more so if the animal suffers from multiple pathologies (polypathology).

"Royal Canin Individualis is the fulfilment of a dream first conceived over 10 years ago and the result of 7 years of research and development. More than a nutritional solution, Royal Canin Individualis is a new way to meet the needs of pets, enabling better management of their health problems. This will be achieved 100% by means of a veterinary prescription model, supported by an innovative digital platform," says Loïc Moutault, President of Royal Canin.

Individualis nutritional solutions are based on veterinary expertise and diagnoses, using an algorithm to determine the optimal solution for each animal based on nutritional data collected over the span of 50 years, Royal Canin said. Pet owners are able to order the specialized diets through the vet online and receive it through direct delivery within 48 hours.

Royal Canin’s latest nutritional solution is based on three years of feeding trials in France and collaboration with more than 120 veterinary clinics and 895 animals. The exhaustive studies were done “to ensure that this solution corresponds to the daily practice of vets and meets the needs of owners and their four-legged friends,” the company said.

Previously known as MyVeep, this solution has been available to all clinics in France since November 2019 and will be available in Japan and Germany in the coming months. The preparation site is based in the south of France and meets all the quality and food safety norms and standards. It has a team dedicated to the reception and preparation of orders in order to ensure delivery to customers as quickly as possible.


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