LAS VEGAS — To complement RenalTech™, an advanced diagnostic tool that can predict feline chronic kidney disease (CKD) up to two years before it occurs, Antech Diagnostics and Royal Canin on Sept. 7 announced a new preventive nutritional solution to help pet owners address renal diseases in cats.

The solution, Renal Support Early Consult, was described by Royal Canin as “an early intervention strategy” during an educational session at the WVC Annual Conference on Tuesday. The diet adds to Antech’s diagnostic capabilities to create a well-rounded and proactive plan for pet owners managing feline CKD.

"The ability to predict disease allows for a new care pathway for feline CKD that represents an improved standard of care," said Todd East, DVM, director of veterinary affairs at Royal Canin. "This new pathway includes greater engagement between veterinarians, pet owners and pets through more regular veterinary visits, the opportunity to monitor kidney values over time, and now, a specialized diet formulated specifically for early CKD and available by veterinary authorization from Royal Canin. We predict a brighter future for cats and their people."

Royal Canin's Renal Support Early Consult cat food

Renal Support Early Consult is a high-calorie, high-nutrient formulas designed to help stimulate appetite, manage phosphorus levels, deliver specialized antioxidants and fatty acids from fish oil, and offer targeted protein levels to support healthy kidney function.

"RenalTech is having an overwhelmingly positive impact on the way veterinarians treat—and pet owners want to treat—chronic kidney disease in cats," said  Jennifer Ogeer, DVM, vice president of medical science and innovation at Antech. "Now that veterinarians can predict the onset of disease up to two years before it occurs, we absolutely need new early care strategies. Nutritional changes are one of the most effective approaches, and Antech and Royal Canin's approach is specifically formulated to give veterinarians an outstanding opportunity to support the best possible outlook for cats facing disease."

Antech first launched RenalTech in October 2019. The solution uses artificial intelligence and veterinary records to accurately predict CKD in cats, which is the leading cause of death for felines older than 5 years and affects up to 40% of cats older than 10.

Jennifer Lopez, DVM, with Antech, and Adrienne Bautista, DVM, Ph.D., with Royal Canin, presented on the nutritional solution the WVC Conference. Those who attended the WVC Annual Conference can access an on-demand recording of the presentation, titled "CKD, You Don't Know Me: Prediction, Diagnosis and Nutritional Management in partnership with Royal Canin.”

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