FRANKLIN, Tenn. — DENTASTIX™, a PEDIGREE brand manufactured by Mars, Incorporated, invented the SelfieSTIX™ clip, a plastic dog treat holder that attaches to the top of any pet owner’s smartphone. The clip is designed to help dog owners lure pets into the perfect position “to create flawless selfies with their pups,” PEDIGREE said.

PEDIGREE cited a trend report by that indicated 65% of dog owners who were surveyed admitted they take more photos of their dog than of their friends or significant others.

"We can all relate to that desire of wanting the perfect photo with your pet and ultimately having to compromise, despite your best efforts," said Rafael Blanco, brand manager for PEDIGREE DENTASTIX. "The SelfieSTIX clip is a fun way to help pet parents capture that moment on their phone, while also creating a lasting, bonding experience that brings pets and their owners even closer. As an added bonus, the dog is rewarded with a delicious PEDIGREE DENTASTIX treat, which tastes great and cleans their teeth."

The SelfieSTIX clip was designed by Colenso BBDO, PEDIGREE’s brand partner in New Zealand. The clip will be included for free with the purchase of PEDIGREE DENTASTIX from Target stores nationwide for a limited time.

PEDIGREE also introduced a social media app, DENTASTIX Studios, for pet owners and their dogs. The app includes three features: PupBooth applies three-dimensional filters to dogs’ faces; DogDays compiles data on a dog’s chronological life so pet owners can “watch their dog grow;” and GoodLens, which transforms the image of a PEDIGREE DENTASTIX treat “into an array of magical objects such as a magic wand or electric guitar,” according to the company.

DENTASTIX are oral care treats for dogs that clean teeth and freshen breath, offering functional health benefits like healthy gums and reduced tartar and plaque buildup.

The SelfieSTIX product presents another way for pet owners to connect with their companions through mindful diets, treating and health care. This facet of the overarching humanization trend sweeping the pet industry could be targeting younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z, who represent the largest population of pet owners currently in the US and tend to be more active on digital platforms such as social media.

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