NEW YORK — Animal Nutritional Products (ANP) will release a line of full-spectrum hemp-infused pet treats during SuperZoo 2019, targeted to support healthy joints, as well as companion animals’ gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems.

According to the company, the product, Bio Hemp + Bites™, contains capsicum, “which activates the TRPV1 receptor,” which is “known to influence pain perception” to reduce pain and stress. The phytocannabinoid, or hemp extract, used in the formula does not include THC.

The treats are formulated with the hemp extract, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, Omega 3 Wild Salmon, MSM, capsicum, black pepper root extract and a green microalgae with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties called astaxanthin.

“As specialists in the field of pharmacognosy, [the study of medicinal plants], we are very excited to be working with the whole Hemp Plant because of its many clinical applications, and when applied appropriately, there are so many beneficial qualities for overall good health,” said Robert Kolver, VP of ANP.

“Animal Nutritional Products is not a hemp company. We are an animal health supplement company that is researching and developing hemp and elevating its status to a new plateau of health-related benefits,” Kolver added.

The company reports it spent approximately 14 months researching and developing the formula for its new Bio Hemp + Bites. ANP also owns pet supplement brands ArthiriMAXX, UroMAXX, PhytoMAXX, and PhytoMAXX + Bites, all offering functional health benefits.

The company will showcase its Bio Hemp + Bites at booth #4515 during SuperZoo from Aug. 20 to 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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