ST. PAUL, Minn. — 3M Food Safety’s Molecular Detection Assay 2 – Salmonella has been approved for animal feed and pet food production applications. This pathogen testing system combines isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescence detection to detect Salmonella in pet foods and animal feeds quickly and accurately.

The solution is part of 3M’s Molecular Detection System and is enhanced with proprietary nanotechnology, allowing for same- or next-day test results so processors can streamline the quality testing process and reduce costs.

According to 3M, its Salmonella detection system can process 96 samples 1.7 times faster than similar systems. It is a primary testing method used by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service to detect Salmonella as well as Listeria.

“We are committed to providing a wide range of customers with pathogen tests that have been rigorously and relevantly validated,” said Lisa Monteroso, 3M Food Safety regulatory affairs specialist. “Salmonella is an organism that can persist in a variety of foods – including those that are low-moisture – so we are pleased to share additional scientific support for our assay’s performance and use in these important categories.”

The Molecular Detection Assay 2 – Salmonella is NF VALIDATOIN certified by AFNOR Certification. NF VALIDATION is a third-party certification process to ensure the reliability of commercial food safety testing kits.

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