DUTCH HARBOR, ALASKA — Bering Select, a manufacturer of fish oil Omega 3 ingredients, announced the launch of cod liver oil for use in pet food on April 11. The new fish oil touts sustainability certifications and aims to serve as a replacement for salmon oil, which is currently experiencing shortages.

According to Bering Select, the supply of wild-caught Alaskan salmon has become “very erratic,” leading to decreases in salmon oil supply. 

“I have been fishing the Bering Sea for many years, and the supply and price of salmon oil has become very unstable,” said Joel Watson, president of Bering Select. “Cod liver oil offers a much more reliable and sustainable option for pet products.”

Bering Select’s premium, wild-caught Alaskan cod liver oil is available as a finished product or in bulk drums. The company leverages direct relationships with fishing operations that harvest cod in the Bering Sea, and then manufactures the oil at its custom processing facility in Dutch Harbor. 

The cod liver oil is Marine Stewardship Council Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified, according to Bering Select.

“We have catch to product control of our supply chain, so we know exactly where our raw material comes from and how it is processed,” Watson said. “Our Omegas are also ORIVO Species Certified; this is important because there is a significant amount of ingredients being sold that are of suspect origin.”

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