VANCOUVER, British Columbia — EastWest Bioscience, a cannabidiol (CBD) product manufacturer based in Canada, has added four hemp-based products to its Natural Pet Science line. The products will include hemp only for certain jurisdictions in the US and Canada and will include CBD in areas of the US that allow it.

The company said it is capitalizing on The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approval of three GRAS hemp seed-derived ingredients for food ingredients: hulled hemp seed (GRN765), hemp seed protein powder (GRN771) and hemp seed oil (BRN778).

Joining Calm’Cat and Slim’Dog treats, the two products already sold under the Natural Pet Science brand, are Happy’Cat, Play’n’Dog, Quick’Cat and Chill’Dog, each claiming specific health benefits linked to hemp seed and CBD ingredients including joint health and urinary tract health.

“Hemp based products are still relatively new to US markets and distributors are always looking for innovative lines to sell. Our Hemp and Cricket pet treats on shelves in the US, even without CBD, represents an opportunity to increase revenues beyond what the Canadian market is capable of,” said Rodney Gelineau, CEO of EastWest.

EastWest hopes to penetrate the US market as hemp-based and CBD products gain traction, and said it expects US demand to exceed demand in Canada.

“We are well underway with our US market penetration plans, and by offering our formulations both with hemp only and CBD we become much more attractive to mass merchant and regional distributors,” Gelineau said. “Our product lines are designed to scale, and we intend to exploit these opportunities to their full extent.”

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