EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Zinpro Corporation has expanded the availability of its ProPath®LQ molecule in liquid applications in nutrition for all animal species in the US. The amino acid complex is versatile, soluble and sustainable and can be incorporated in conventional or specialty diets.

“The ProPath family of products is one of the most significant animal nutrition breakthroughs of our time,” says Bill Scrimgeour, CEO of Zinpro. “And now, we offer that same breakthrough product in a formulation specifically designed for liquid applications, including liquid feeds and supplement tubs, liquid-based premixes, milk replacers and water systems.”

ProPath-LQ provides high trace mineral uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency in applications where solubility is critical. The product’s unique molecular structure makes it efficient and sustainable in improving animal wellness, genetic potential and performance, according to Zinpro.

“ProPath-LQ combines two different amino acids, bound to each other – and each bound to a mineral, such as zinc, copper, iron or manganese, in a stable 1:1 ratio,” explains Scrimgeour. “By optimizing the amino-acid transport system, our performance minerals are more effectively absorbed, stored and metabolically available for the animal’s biological processes.”

The ProPath-LQ line includes five products with unique health and wellness attributes.

Zinpro Corporation is a supplier of performance trace mineral nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry, equine, companion animal and aquaculture.

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