GREENWOOD, S.C. – Lonza, a global supplier to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets, has been granted a US patent (#10,016,382) for the use of L-Carnitine in pet food for its beneficial impact on performance and recovery in active dogs. The product, Carniking L-Carnitine, is approved for use in dog foods, wet and dry treats, and complete feeds, base mixes or premixes. 

Carniking helps maintain lean muscle mass by reducing muscle degradation and oxidative stress resulting from intense physical activity and may improve the quality of life of active dogs, service dogs and tracking dogs. L-Carnitine also helps animals, as well as humans, utilize dietary fat in producing energy.

Carniking utilizes dietary fat for energy by shuttling long- and medium-chain fatty acids across the outer and inner-mitochondrial membrane so they can be metabolized and converted into energy.
Four canine research studies were conducted by Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition (CHN), in which Carniking was shown to improve exercise performance and activity, as well as lean mass, muscle recovery and oxidative stress during exercise. Other applications of the product are pending in Brazil, Canada, Europe and Japan.

“Bringing together 30 years of investment and discovery in L-Carnitine, Lonza’s new patent for L-Carnitine as Carniking highlights our continued commitment to exploring its health benefits for both animals and humans,” said Kevin Owen, Ph.D., head of global business development for Lonza CHN’s companion animal division. “Backed by robust science, the patent confirms that L-Carnitine is good for both you and for your dog.” Owen is also the co-author of the patent.

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