IRVING, Texas — Animal Supply Company (ASC), a distributor of pet food and pet care products, has launched Animal Supply Connect, a digital e-fulfillment and delivery solution for independent pet specialty retailers. The solution utilizes logistics technology to coordinate online orders from retailers with one of the distributor’s 10 e-commerce fulfillment warehouses to optimize delivery services.

“Our priority is helping the independent pet channel compete in a dynamic market. That means focusing on operational excellence and developing innovative solutions to make business simple,” said Don McIntyre, CEO of ASC. “Connect takes the hassle out of servicing the online shopper by caring for e-commerce logistics and providing the rapid delivery services consumers expect.”

On average, orders are expected to be delivered within two business days using Connect.

“No one is more knowledgeable about quality products, nutrition and the family pet than independent pet retailers. Online shopping presents the next frontier for retailers to best serve pet shoppers who want a blend of in-store and online experiences. There is a world of possibilities for the retailer that is rooted locally, yet able to reach beyond traditional walls,” added Angela Spears, senior VP of digital strategy and marketing for ASC. “Our mission is to use our talented digital team, and best-in-class technology partners, to help us think differently about ways we can help them achieve the possible. Access to technology levels the playing field in an ecosystem that has been dominated by Amazon and”

The distributor also rolled out a new website and mobile app for retailers in 2018.

The implementation of Connect is part of a larger push for innovation by ASC’s new owners, Summit Partners and funds managed by Goldman Sachs, which purchased a majority stake in the company and provided capital investment to support its growth in February 2019.

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