OAKLAND, Calif. – Pet Food Express, a major pet food and supply retailer in California, released the top five pet trends of 2018 based on sales information collected from its 60+ locations across the state. This “top five” represents the best-selling and/or fastest growing types of products in Pet Food Express stores over the past year. Of the top five, three of the product categories were related to pet food, treats and supplements.

The biggest trend Pet Food Express saw in 2018 was hemp oil products related to pet relief. It’s important to note that the FDA does not allow medical claims about hemp products for pets. “Still, pet guardians are doing their own research,” said Michael Levy, owner of Pet Food Express. “Increasingly customers are coming to our stores to buy hemp oils for their dogs and cats.”

The second fastest growing product type was human-grade pet food and the third was healthy chew alternatives for dogs. Sales of rawhide chews for dogs seem to have fallen, according to Pet Food Express, as consumers choose chew alternatives.

Fourth was bathing your own pet and fifth was mentally stimulating toys for your cat.

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